• To bring the parents of all Mentally Challenged persons of Karimnagar area under one association of their own to work for care, training, treatment of the mentally handicapped persons.

  • To educate, train and impart vocational training to the mentally handicapped persons

  • To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services such as psychiatry, behavior modification speech therapy, physiotherapy and medical treatment etc.

  • To establish sheltered workshop, Respite care center & to conduct research and educational programmes in the field of mental retardation.

  • To help mentally handicapped persons to lead normal life.

  • To help parents and other members of Families of Mentally Handicapped in solving their problems.

  • To work with Government & people to secure more help for the mentally handicapped.

  • To construct permanent buildings for our school, vocational training center Early Intervention Centre and other related activities

To bring awareness among parents, public and Government in accepting the parents as the sole representatives of mentally handicapped, as they cannot look after themselves